A deadly virus outbreak has currently taken place in the town of Opanng. Residents have been ordered to stay indoors as the town is in lockdown. However, a brave disease control man by the name of Sam has volunteered to come in and control the spread by using weapons provided by the town such as a toilet tissue gun, Hand Sanitizer and good old fashioned American weaponry.


ProgrammingThomas Lam

Animation: Kenny Mays, Che Williams

Sound Fx: Kenny Mays, Thomas Lam

Development log


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what do i do with the key in the starting area and are the enemies supposed to stop spawning at wave 11?

I feel like there should be a revolver, that'd be cool

also, how do i get into that room with the key in the space area

there is a hidden key near the location

noted. well work on it

can i get a hint on where it is

do you think that yall could add inventory so you can switch between weapons

yeah weve got a big update coming very soon ! this will include Inventory, Skin selection, new maps, enemies and Boss Fights!

when is the update and will it be for both versions?

the new update has just been released its a HTML version for both apple and windows :)

best game

thank you so much we really appreciate it

I love this game, it really gives that 1v10 feeling

Thanks for the feedback were glad you enjoyed playing :)

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just crashed at wave five

still love the game though 

thanks for the feedback we are working on a solution if you want to play with no crashes try our downloaded version :)

all bugs have been fixed :)

Cool I like the ascetic and sound effects, I kept running out of ammo but evading the enemies is also fun.

thanks for your feedback :) we have included new ammo packs that spawn in different locations around the maps


Cool game. I could be nice if it had a timer showing how much is left for the round. You could also add a primary gun that has infinity bullets and a special that is limited. 

thanks for the feedback :) we like the idea

I think the game would benefit a lot with some more "juice" :)

We have updated and we think we may have the "juice" you are looking for :)

Very nice game and covid ambiance !

thank you so much for playing... we have just released an update if you are interested in giving it another try :)

It's pretty cool, I like the gameplay!

The game is definitely missing out some cool music tune and maybe make the enemies flash in white when they get hit!

we have just updated ... perhaps give it another try and let us know your thoughts :) thanks for playing